Artificial Intelligence in Nancy-Metz academy

Artificial Intelligence supporting learning

On a daily basis, we unconsciously use more and more artificial intelligence devices: credit cards, social networks, intelligent personal assistants, weather forecasts, etc. Solutions based on AI are also developing in Education for both learners and teachers. They aim to help teachers make decisions and to improve the skills of the students through personalised learning.

One of the challenges of these developments for the educational world is to make visible the processes related to Artificial Intelligence to raise awareness and prepare everyone to integrate into a world where AI is predominant. The whole potential offered by AI can thus be optimally used to serve teachers, students and their parents.

The Nancy-Metz Academy thus mobilizes around several axes of work:

  • learning AI and through AI;
  • mastery of fundamental knowledge;
  • inclusive school;
  • success of all students.

We invite you to discover :

  • connected activities (programming) or disconnected activities (debates) from kindergarten to high school to explain AI, initiate data processing, build algorithms and develop cross-cutting skills such as critical thinking or speaking skills;
  • Information about research projects involving Artificial Intelligence and installed in schools in compliance with an ethical and legal framework that ensures the protection of all;
  • our involvement in the AI debate in Education.

Research projects

Mastery of fundamental knowledge

 Recherche en e-éducation - Le projet LINUMEN DANE Nancy-Metz recherche

Develop two applications to strengthen literacy and numeracy skills for pre-schools pupils.


Le projet Navi DANE Nancy-Metz recherche

Co-design in R&D of an AI-based content recommendation engine to generate differentiated remediation paths.

LalilRecherche en e-éducation - Le projet Lalilo DANE Nancy-Metz rechercheo

Co-design in R&D of an AI-based application to facilitate student monitoring and personalised learning in reading.

Le projet Adaptiv'Math DANE Nancy-Metz recherche
Co-design in R&D of an AI-integrated search engine to provide personalised paths in mathematics.

Recherche en e-éducation - projet Mathia DANE Nancy-Metz recherche
Co-design in R&D of an intelligent educational assistant in mathematics using holographic representation.

Le projet Kaligo DANE Nancy-Metz recherche e-éducation projet kaligo
Co-design in R&D of an application allowing an individualized and differentiated pedagogy to strengthen the links between reading and writing.

Smart Enseigno 
Le projet Smart Enseigno DANE Nancy-Metz recherche
Co-design in R&D of a platform and teaching assistant with AI to enable personalised learning in most areas of mathematics.



Lilylearn - Startup For Kids

Experiment with a playful device to actively engage the child in learning the fundamental rules of the alphabetical principle and reading.

Inclusive school


Le projet Rob-Autism DANE Nancy-Metz recherche e-éducation rob-autism


Assess the impacts of the non-humanoid robot, Cozmo ©, to develop communication skills of autistic children for better school inclusion.


Recherche en e-éducation - Projet AppLINOU-BEP


Create a digital application to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorders practise and acquire math and French skills to enable them to successfully enter Year 2.


Facilitate the education and inclusion of students with ASD by equipping each of these students with a digital tablet incorporating tools capable of deep monitoring their use and progress, in order to support access to fundamental learning.

Success of all students


Recherche en e-éducation - Le projet METAL DANE Nancy-Metz recherche


Co-design and evaluate a set of individualised monitoring tools for students and teachers for personalised language learning.


Recherche en e-éducation - Le projet METAL - picto


Study the actual consumption of digital educational resources by students, in order to provide usage indicators to publishers, teachers and students.


Developed as part of a research – development approach with Lorraine research laboratories, this platform will be a support and spin-off tool that, thanks to its search engine incorporating artificial intelligence, will meet the needs of teachers.

Learning AI and with AI

Présent in each schools référence systems and in PIX certification , Artificial Intelligence must be include in all learning  . 

The aim of the  « L’Intelligence Artificielle dans les enseignements » page is to suggest activities in each learning level in playfull way, connected or disconnected mode with digital média  (software, website, robots) or paper support.

How to approach IA in school :


University and labs

Université de Lorraine
Université de Toulouse


– La DANE de Nancy-Metz ;
– Le GIP-Formation Tout au Long de la Vie ;
– les services du rectorat de l’académie de Nancy-Metz.


Région Grand Est
– Les conseils départementaux 54, 55, 57, 88
– Les communautés de communes




Talks in AI seminars and conferences

  • Colloque AI_now 2021
  • Learning and Student Analytics Conference LSAC 2019

Statistiques :

  • Schools: 1628

  • Students: 21997

  • Teachers: 1649